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From family problems to wills and property queries, we’re here for you

At Smalleys Solicitors (formerly Martin Smalley & Co) we pride ourselves on the friendly and practical service we have delivered to the people of Nottinghamshire for over 30 years. Our objective is to provide you with jargon free advice and work in your best interests to solve your legal problems, an approach that obviously works given that almost half of our work comes from client recommendation.

We aim to provide assistance on the sort of legal issues that most of us come across at some point in our lives ; family matters ; wills and probate ; and when buying and selling property. You can find out more about exactly what we cover by clicking on one of the links below.

Cost effective, expert advice that can save you money

Everyone ‘knows’ how expensive lawyers can be: after all, the ‘papers are full of stories about the latest legal costs that some person in the public eye has had to pay. But these are the exceptions and most of us just aren’t in need of the sort of services that excite the media in our own day to day lives.

Very often the thing to consider is not whether you should take legal advice, but what the cost of NOT seeking professional assistance could turn out to be. If you’re not sure whether we can help, please just contact us to ask – it won’t cost you a thing and we provide free 30 minute initial appointments for most matters. To make working with us even easier, we are open on Saturday mornings and can arrange home and hospital visits if you’re not able to make it to us.

We have a standard quote for Conveyancing as well as fixed fees for Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Extracting a Grant of Probate, so you’ll have a good idea of exactly what our advice will cost.

“Many issues which seemed insurmountable at the outset were carefully handled in a most reassuring way… We have faith that future dealings will continue in the same safe way.”

Mr and Mrs N


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 From 15 February 2016, in the event of a dispute, clients are entitled to utilise the ODR platform (link below) to use it as a possibility to resolve disputes. In any case, any complaints should be made in writing to Deanne Taylor; her email address for contact is
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