Family Law


Helping you through the practical and legal implications of family issues

Looking after your interests with a non-confrontational approach

If you are suffering domestic violence or are considering a split from your partner, it makes sense to talk to someone who can be objective about your legal and financial position. We understand how alone you can feel at these times and how difficult it can be to seek help, so we’ll be there to advise and support you in your decisions.

Our primary goal is to resolve disputes amicably whenever possible, but to always do so with our client’s interests and those of the other family members (particularly children) in mind.

We are able to offer discounted rates for some of our services, depending on your income - contact us for details, and find out more about the types of areas we cover by clicking on one of the links below.

Specialists in caring for families

Relationship breakdowns are rarely straightforward but it’s vital that you understand the options for you and any children who may be involved in separation, divorce or civil partnership dissolution. There are implications depending on whether you are married or in another form of relationship, but whatever your arrangements we can advise you on financial, property and child custodial matters with tact and discretion.

Keith Sherwood is our family solicitor and is a Resolution Accredited Specialist. Resolution is a national body whose members follow a code of practice on family disputes and take a constructive approach to find solutions. Keith has specialisms in both Finances and Children and in Domestic Abuse.

Deborah Bannister , who also looks after family law matters at Smalleys, is also a member of Resolution, ready to help you out with your issues in a forward-thinking fashion.

“Mr Sherwood dealt with my matrimonial affairs in a professional and courteous manner.”

JD, Nottingham


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