Caring for Children


Taking care of the most important people of all

Shielding your children from upset

Every parent wants to do their best for their offspring, but by their very nature relationship breakdowns are guaranteed to unsettle your children. Tact, discretion and forward thinking are key when dealing with issues that involve juveniles. If you’re worried about how a family issue will affect your son or daughter, our experienced family law team can help.

Problems don’t just need to be related to parents– grandparents, step-parents, and other family members can all have an impact on your child’s wellbeing. Social Services or the Child Maintenance Service or CSA may even be involved. Whatever the reason, we will help you give your child the quality of life they deserve.

Securing your family’s future, at a sensible price

Child maintenance is often a worry for parents, and we will represent the interests of any juveniles in the same way that we take care of you, working to get a speedy settlement that will take account of their current needs and ongoing childcare costs.

Legal proceedings are always an option but if at all possible, we will urge you to do your best to come to an agreement with the other party that avoids the cost and stress of going to court. Our family law team are specialists in working collaboratively with the other party or their representatives, but are also experienced in taking a court-led approach if required.

Parental access and responsibility

Ex partners usually retain the right to see their children so we will suggest how you might make provision for this but equally, if you are being denied this access, we can intervene on your behalf.

Married couples usually have parental responsibility – which means they both have the right to make decisions that concern their offspring - but unmarried fathers may not have such an automatic right. Whether you are a mother or a father we can help you navigate this area of law.

Who your children live with will hopefully be resolved through discussion and mediation with your ex - a process that we can help with - but if you are unable to deal with them constructively over custody a court order can be sought.


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