Will Writing


Plan now to provide for your family later

Lessening the load for your family

Surveys state that every year between 50% and 70% of people in the UK die without leaving a valid will. Not drafting your will is almost guaranteed to cause problems for your family as they struggle to deal with your affairs and pay bills at what will inevitably be a difficult time.

If you are married and die intestate there are strict rules about the order of inheritance and who benefits, but this can mean that your estate may not be distributed as you would have liked. And if you’re co-habiting your partner has no automatic claim to any payout at all after you’re gone. Even if these aren’t concerns then the thought of handing money to the taxman may be enough to tempt you into having a will drafted – in 2012/13 over £3bn was collected by HMRC in inheritance tax.

When DIY (or doing nothing) is not the best solution

Aside from more tax-efficient estate planning, a will increases the likelyhood that your last wishes will be carried out properly, whether that be the manner of your funeral or who gets the house and important heirlooms. Even if you don’t believe you have enough to go to the trouble of creating and paying for a will, it is still worth consulting a professional to have one properly drawn up.

While most of us simply never take the time to plan for what might happen when we’re no longer around, even those who do draft something themselves can unwittingly cause problems– a simple spelling mistake or a tiny, incorrect detail can invalidate a will, leading to you dying intestate.

Professional will writing service

At Smalleys we’ll work with you to ensure that your estate is distributed to your family, friends and any charities as you see fit, at a price that is small compared to the costs they might otherwise encounter. If you can’t make it to our offices, we’ll come to you to take your instructions before drafting all the necessary paperwork, including your will and any trusts that you may wish to establish.

With over 30 years of experience in caring for the people of Arnold, Nottinghamshire and £3m of professional indemnity insurance underpinning our professional commitment to you, you can rest assured that the future security of your loved ones is in reliable hands.


pop in and see us to ask about drafting your will
For insurance against lost wills, we offer optional registration on the Certainty National Wills Register for £12. We also offer a Free Will Scheme for clients over 55 in conjunction with Cancer Research UK and leading local funeral directors, A W Lymn The Family Service - we can also offer a Free Voucher towards funeral costs valued at up to £100.
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